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How a comprehensive SMM strategy and channel management helped airSlate grow brand awareness
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airSlate is a trailblazer in no-code automation, providing SMBs to SMEs with the tools they need for eliminating the mundane, repetitive processes that can be found in just about any workflow. With Automation and Integration Bots, airSlate users are empowered with the ability to design, integrate, and automate business processes using a single platform – from document generation to contract negotiation, eSignatures, and payments.
grew brand followers by 612% to 2,635.
amplified brand mentions by 1,373% to 1,134.
grew brand engagments by 266% to 2,447.
amplified organic brand impressions by 253% to 189K.
About airSlate
The Challenge
To go upmarket and diversify from self-serve transactions and close larger accounts
The airSlate content marketing team was focused on performance marketing (SEO, SEM, and PPC) and didn’t have the human resources to spend on giving social media the attention it needed to deliver business results. This became a problem as airSlate began to invest in brand awareness initiatives. There was a need to capitalize on share of voice in the no-code market, especially no-code workflow automation. With other tools investing in share of voice, airSlate needed a partner who could focus attention on jump starting their social media to help the direct sales team close larger accounts, while at the same time build a community for no-coders to share ideas and solutions to everyday workflow problems.
The Goals
A clearly defined strategy was needed to jump start airSlate’s social media
To move airSlate up market, pavdy helped Eveline Buchatskiy, VP of Special Projects at airSlate set short-term and long-term goals for social-media-based brand awareness activities. These goals were accompanied by strict KPIs and comprehensive SMM-traffic funnels.
Number of followers, mentions, shares, return visitors, engagement rate, mentions
Grow a community of active no-code enthusiasts, scale organic mentions, and increase customer lifetime value.
Long-Term Goals
Number of posts, likes/comments given, clicks, response time, visitors
Establish guidelines for creating content, managing community, and driving traffic to the website.
Short-Term Goals
The Solution
A comprehensive SMM strategy and execution team for clear and consise marketing on social media
After the pavdy team completed the discovery phase, created the overarching and channel-specific SMM srategies, and the content calendar for airSlate, content generation and community managment could begin. For three months, pavdy focused on collaborating with airSlate’s PR team to spike brand trust and recognition across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Key metrics for social media growth in Q1 of 2021
With pavdy’s guidence, airSlate was able to achieve several mile stones to greater community loyalty and brand recognition.
The Numbers
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