Targeting audiences using paid promotion (targeting, ads, influencers) is a great way to drive impressions and reach more people faster, while at the same time showing that content to exactly who needs to see it.

Promoting ads and boosted posts and/or working with influencers helps pavdy increase conversion from social media user to follower or to customer.
There are many goals achieved through targeting:
Brand awareness
Boosting traffic
Collecting leads
Increasing the number of subscribers and interactions with content
Increasing online sales
How we approach the ad stratagy?
Create and approve content
Test the strategy
Planning next steps
– Test
The third level
Interview with the partner
Complete an audit of the ad account
Niche and market analysis
Check the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics
– the Discovery Phase
The first level
Create a customer journey map
Set goals and ad campaigns
Creare audiences profiles
Set KPIs
Set a budget
– Strategy
The second level
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